About Us

Manufactured oil pumps based on nine patents issued, pending and applied for!

Verne Schumann is a senior SME member of Society of Manufacturing Engineers!

Schumann’s oil pump program covers most engine families for street (“SM” — Street Master”), street —strip — race (“SSR” Sportsman) and professional (“Pro” Level) applications. One of a kind request are quoted $!

Many “Pro” racer’s attest to: Schumann’s “wet sump” performance oil pumps with a dry sump attitude!


“Paddle Wheel”: Designed for gear to gear oil pumps. Improves efficiency of pump by two or three oil flow speed in feet per second of exit speed to engine.

“LS annular flow pumps” First new design in LS gear/rotor crank driven oil pumps. Entry angle of intake oil and exit oil is improved by up to 30%! Combine with ball valve 140, dimple tech and ER-VAC system yields the ultimate LS oil pump that has proven results at 8.000 + R.P.M. and 2,000+ horsepower!

“ER-VAC”: Energy Recovery vacuum pump pan operational! No atmospheric venting required! Not affected by G-Forces! The most functional wet sump vacuum pan oil pump system! Available for GM, Ford and MoPar engines.

“140 Ball Valve: Ball valve operation is mini second reactive, not slow two to three second cycle of O.E. cup valve system. “140” is external exit of surplus oil yielding lower oil temperature and stable ignition timing events. If required a 140% of by-pass oil volume will occur.

“Dimple Tech”: Oil reserve functional pockets of separation oil promotes lubrication of internal thrust surfaces. Prevents dry startups of oil pumps.

“GPB”: Gear pressure balance in gear/rotor oil pumps removes the out of balance issue of gear/rotor design. The dry lube zone of rotor ring O.D. and the vertical bore wall of operational housing is forced oil feed for total lubrication.

“LVDR”: Low Volume Drag Race Horse power saving performance oil pumps, a Schumann tradition. Available for GM, Ford and MoPar engines in stock cup valve or 140 ball valve system. Gear size reductions up to 50% available! “ER-VAC” energy saving another option for “LVDR”!